Why I am working with children?

Mihir Pathak
2 min readApr 11, 2021


Why :

  • I love to work with Children. I feel alive when I am with them.
  • I am very much interested in exploring creative mediums like music, theatre, film making, creative writing, making/tinkering , real life projects, traveling, entrepreneurship, computer programming, farming. Working with children gives me the opportunity to explore these.
  • I am interested in exploring ‘how humans learn new things’. I like to design learning experiences.
  • I want to work on these questions :

Is there a different way of living, both in personal and in social terms, that is not conflict ridden but essentially peaceful and whole? What role does education have in this process?

I draw my inspiration from dozens of the educational philosophers and
synthesize it into a fresh approach towards making learning fun,
meaningful and holistic.

What :

learning objective I want to work on :

  • Developmental need of the child
  • Focus on affective domain & Sensitivity
  • 21st Century Skills

I want to explore following learning methodologies & tools :

How :

Here I gathered some ideas & plans to work with non for profits and other learning spaces ready to transform. Click here to read