What is Education for me?

Mihir Pathak
1 min readApr 11, 2021

મારા માટે શિક્ષણ એટલે માણસની બૌદ્ધિક, શારીરિક, ભાવાત્મક ક્ષમતાઓનો સમગ્ર લક્ષી વિકાસ. ટુકડાઓ પડ્યા સિવાય , કોઈ સાંકળા હેતુઓ સિદ્ધ કરવા માટે નહિ પણ life as whole જોતા શીખવે એવો વિકાસ.

આ આખા પ્રોસેસ દરમિયાન આપણી અંદર અને બહાર થતા બદલાવો નું અવલોકન કરવું. લોકો અને વસ્તુઓ સાથેના સાચા સંબંધની સમજ કેળવવી…આ બધું કરતા કરતા એક સતત વહ્યા કરતી સંવેદનશીલતા કેળવવી તે

How to facilitate this type of education?

We believe that, we can not change the environment in which a child grows up but we can provide opportunities for learning experiences which can enable the child to develop an attitude & ability to judge what is right or wrong for him/her in his/her life.​

We should not impose any of our thoughts or beliefs on the child directly. The child should be made aware of different types of thoughts and beliefs where s/he will be confronted with opportunities to develop independent thinking.

In this space, the child can flourish as an individual by constantly being in touch with the growth of his or her sensitivity, creativity, ability to think & question, sociability and also, engage in knowing & understanding their instinctive nature.

To enhance the consistent growth in these life-skills, we should strive to give relevant exposure to the children, work on facilitating them and inspiring them to reflect on the same.

By being in space, the child can also realize what freedom really means and keep experimenting with his/her understanding of freedom, which is bound to constantly evolve.