Long term work criterias

Mihir Pathak
2 min readApr 22, 2021


I want to do long term work with children age 4 to 14yrs through PBL, DiE and other experiential methodologies. Here I am trying to put criterias for place I am looking for.

Plan A (First Priority)

Work in school ready to give opportunity for Project Based learning & Drama in Education. I can teach other subjects or support in other teaching- learning process if necessary but the PBL and DiE will be on high priority.

Plan B

Work in NGO which works with more than one schools and allow me to implement PBL & DiE in their ecosystem.

  • org. believing in holistic education philosophy and have long term vision to implement it.
  • org./school should be in small town not in very interior village. Preferably not more than 5hr far from Vadodara.
  • org. should have lots of openness and possibilities to experiment and work on new ideas + team of young at heart people
  • Minimum 20K in hand salary + PF + Stay facility
  • Mentorship
  • org. working with Gujarati medium children

Possibility to

  • live close to nature and health (Cycling, Farming)
  • Collaborate with local social org / Artists / Projects
  • Events around Theatre, Music, Literature

Will be on priority.

Note : If I find appropriate place and they don’t afford the salary for this type of experiment, I am ready to try crowdfunding option for my financial need.

Plan C

  • Short term internship at alternative schools like MGIS , Poorna, Etc.
  • Join full time course in Theatre / Music / Sociology

Mentors list for PBL

  • Vaibhav Pandya
  • Mahendra Chotalia
  • Jaya Ramchandani
  • Keertana
  • Anita Shah
  • Khyati- Khameer
  • City as lab

Mentors list for Drama in Education

  • Chetna Mehrotra
  • Theatre Professionals
  • Agazz Theatre Trust



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