Experiments at Shishukunj International School — Bhuj

I was working with children age 6 to 15yr.

  • Conducted a course called ‘Creative Computing’ to Grade 5th to 9th. It was a participatory and collaborative learning environment, Where we explored computer programming and physical computing with the tools like MIT Scratch, Python, Makey Makey, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. (Blog)
  • Co handling Eco Buddy Club. Where we attempted some activities around developing sensitivity towards nature. It includes Nature Walks, Film Screening, Cycling Group, Plastic Recycling and Upcycling and Interdisciplinary Projects. (Blog)
  • Teaching Gujarati as a third language. I was trying to explore ‘Whole language Approach’ for teaching third language. Where we do not focus on alphabet or grammar but try to see language as a whole, which makes the language learning experience relevant, fun and creative.(Blog)
  • Support fellow teachers to make developmentally appropriate, activity based lesson plans and pedagogical tools for the subjects like language, Maths and Social Science, Environmental Study.


  • Park library (Toral Garden — Bhuj) I initiated a park library where we go to the park every Sunday with a bag full of children’s books. Sometimes we do storytelling sessions also. (Photos)


  • EcoBuddy Film Making Workshop (3 days workshop at Nilpar — April 2019) (Blog)
  • life with the lense of ecobuddy (3 days workshop at Ashodar — May 2019) (Blog)
  • Dialogue with teachers at Happy Faces School — Bhuj (2hr workshop — June 2019) (Photos)
  • The joy of Drama with the kids from Berado Prathmik Shala, Taluka — Bhuj District — Kuchch (2hr workshop — September 2019) (Blog)
  • FilmWala class (3 days workshop at Idar — September 2019) (Blog)
  • Umang and Romanch (1-day workshop at Nilpar — October 2019) (Blog)​


  • Attended Indian Multiversity Alliance gathering at Deer Park Institute — Beer, HP — May 2019) (Photos)
  • Volunteered for Fridays for Future gathering at Bhuj — September, October 2019) (Photos)




Obsessive creator of learning experiences #PBL #theatre_in_education #lifeskilleducation #21centuryskills #socioemotionallearning

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Mihir Pathak

Mihir Pathak

Obsessive creator of learning experiences #PBL #theatre_in_education #lifeskilleducation #21centuryskills #socioemotionallearning

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